RIFT’s Summerfest events return today through July 26th


While the remaining RIFT players gaze nervously at Gamigo’s dwindling gaming stables, Gamigo has been tossing them a snack in the form of annual events. One of them has arrived today with the return of Summerfest.

“What remains in modern Telara is a celebration of flames for all Ascended to enjoy. Summerfest is now the holiday that marks the longest days of summer in Telara. Ascended continue to celebrate ancient traditions and have fun, even in the sweltering heat. This helps lighten the mood and distract celebrants from the stress of the near-constant threats against Telara.”

As usual, the event rolls out in phases, with the first one beginning now and running through July 12th and the second kicking off July 13th through July 26th. Players can expect scavenger hunts, Swarmlord Kargroth battle, quests, artifact piñatas, and of course, the Mitch the Artifact Attractor Minion quest if you’ve somehow never done it before.

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