Blockchain-linked survival sandbox Life Beyond begins its first open alpha testing phases


Back in April, we reported on the unfortunate news that survival sandbox Life Beyond is angling towards blockchain and NFT integration thanks to developer Darewise being bought out by blockchain company Amimoca Brands. This news, combined with Darewise’s development track record, probably led to many assumptions of Life Beyond’s demise as web3 leeches began the process of sucking the blood out of the game.

That doesn’t appear to be the case as of yet, however, as the game actually kicked off its first open alpha test phase this past Wednesday, July 29th. While this initial alpha was only for those who purchased one of two NFTs, a later open alpha will be available to everyone on Wednesday, July 6th, with no apparent need for an NFT purchase or blockchain wallet.

Additionally, the upcoming alpha phases all at least read like they’ll be gameplay focused, with alpha one refining exploration and combat features that unlock viable lands for players to inhabit, alpha two improving alpha one features and introducing settlement functions, and alpha three continuing to iterate on existing features and adding governing functions that promise “social and economic development.”

However, the announcement also talks up extremely nebulous features of Life Beyond (that are given erroneous capitalization) like “an Open Metaverse Philosophy, Interactive Gameplay, Player Governance Model, Token Utility, and more.”

As a note, MOP does not typically cover new crypto MMOs; however, as we’d been covering this game and its company for a long time before its transition, we wanted to provide at least one final update on this one.

source: press release
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