Fractured Veil adds talent points, improves the siege system, and finishes starting zone renovations


While the testing of Fractured Veil is still pretty exclusive right now, that hasn’t stopped the devs at Paddle Creek Games from continuing to pump out update notes for everyone to read. Such is the case once more with the survivalbox’s newest update, which introduces a talent point system, makes some changes to siege mechanics, and applies some performance improvements.

The talent system is the big new addition to Fractured Veil, which is heralded as a co-operative effort between backers and devs to make it come together. The system lets players allot points that follow four different roles – Builder, Hunter, Stealth, and Support – all designed to allow more customization without unbalancing PvP.

The game’s siege mechanic that sees mutants attack complexes has also been tweaked in this update: Siege totems have been adjusted to stop endless waves of enemies attacking larger complexes, while sieges will halt when those totems hit 20% health or less. The siege management system also keeps better track of players that contribute in a siege, and bugs have been squashed that caused performance issues when a siege was manually started.

In addition, the patch addresses a wide variety of bugs and finishes visual updates that were previewed earlier. Those who are either in the backer testing pool or watching the game’s development from the outside can get more information in the patch notes.

source: Steam
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