GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update goes live with new missions and gameplay tweaks


Grand Theft Auto Online’s much-ballyhooed Criminal Enterprises update has officially landed for players, bringing with it all of the new content updates, weapon updates, and overall progression tweaks that Rockstar Games has been talking up the past couple of weeks (while also leaving its sister online game in the dust).

The Criminal Enterprises brings on several new mission types for players that own various enterprises and businesses in-game, launches the new Operation Paper Trail mission, and adds a host of new vehicles to collect for regular players and GTA+ members. There are also several event bonuses running between now and August 3rd.

This update adjusts several gameplay elements as well: The game’s economy has been “extensively” rebalanced, with more payouts for a wide variety of activities; several business activities including sell missions can now be done in private sessions; vehicle customization has seen a number of improvements; and tweaks have been made to the the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II and Sparrow helicopter.

sources: press release, Rockstar Newswire
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