Vindictus’ 21st hero, the ‘piercing starlight knight’ Latiya, is live today


So here’s a nice surprise: Amid all the wild launches and announcements today, Nexon’s 12-year-old Vindictus is getting a bit of love. The company revealed this morning that its 21st hero, the “piercing starlight knight” Latiya, has arrived for players.

“Latiya grew up in a dangerous jungle and became the world’s greatest hunter, yet her desire to become a knight overtook that ambition. With her large lance and mystic chain hook, she hurtles through the battlefield to joust against her adversaries without a need for a horse.”

To herald the new toon’s launch, Nexon is running an event through September 20th that will help players level up their new Latiya, as well as dress her up in some flouncy costumes.

Source: Official site, press release
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