The Wagadu Chronicles shows off some new cultural accessories arriving in its September 12 alpha test


The second alpha test for sandbox MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles is set to start in less than a week, bringing with it farming, new buildings, and most importantly, a variety of new accessories linked to each of the game’s distinct cultures.

The Twitter thread shows off some of these new items, explaining how they’re inspired by fantasy and real-life cultures. The majority of character equipment slots are for clothes and jewelry rather than combat gear, and the items on display can be crafted at tailoring stations in the game. Furthermore, items are said to be fully dyeable. “[Twin Drums’] art team has added an amazing amount of new clothes & accessories because we want you to meet those Spirits and Ancestors feeling glamorous,” reasons the thread.

As part of the game’s second alpha festivities, players are being invited to join in on a fashion show happening on Saturday, September 17th. In the meantime, players can get a look at some of the looks.

source: Twitter
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