Monsters & Memories expands its team to include a new animator and programmer


For those cheering on the extremely indie Monsters & Memories, it’s uplifting news to hear that the team expanded this month by two. In the project’s 24th progress report, the team announced that it’s added an animator and programmer to the staff.

Other than that, Monsters & Memories has been busy on all fronts, with some of the early inventory UI work put on display for fans to check out. The team’s also been working on modeling the canine-like Ashira race, concepts for skeletons, human animations, Rogue Guild lore, more music and starting quests for the Fighter and Ranger.

And, thank goodness, the NPCs are starting to be more modest: “NPCs are now wearing clothes over their undies.”

The team reported that it now has 1,990 fans signed up for its mailing list.

Source: Monsters and Memories. Thanks Nick!
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