Wagadu Chronicles opens signups for fall alpha that includes farming, combat, and village upgrades


Kickstarted afrofantasy MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles is planning an alpha at the very tail end of summer and start of fall, from September 12th to 26th. Studio Twin Drums made this alpha 2 announcement this morning, alongside the opening of the game’s alpha application. “All Kickstarter backers, who pledged at levels with Alpha-2 testing rewards needn’t worry about applying, you will automatically be contacted with the next steps for this run,” the devs write. Everyone else can hit the form.

So what can testers expect? It looks like the new stuff in this leg of the test includes a robust farming system, dyeable clothes and crafted items, new shrine functionality, new buildings like storehouses and player markets in player villages, fishing ponds, planned RP events, and a fishing rhythm game – “you dance so fish spirits reward you,” Twin Drums teases. Combat has also gotten a pass:

“Our synchronous multiplayer turn-based combat has gotten more love: the current weapon set has been enhanced with more special moves so you can defeat those taunting spirits and get them to reward you with useful items.”

Source: Press release, Twitter
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