Chip Theory Games offers a preview of the crowdfunding campaign page for its Elder Scrolls board game


Last February, fans of Elder Scrolls Online were aimed in the direction of an upcoming board game based on the IP called The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era. The game, in development from tabletop games creator Chip Theory Games, promised “a mix of exploration, character building, delving into dungeons, and combat” that fans of the series expect, including some recognizable elements from ESO itself.

In the initial preview from Zenimax Online Studios, the game was scheduled to arrive this fall, but information on Chip Theory’s website and a preview of the crowdfunding page on Gamefound notes the crowdfunding drive was delayed to March 2023.

That same campaign page preview offers potential backers a look at the game’s mechanics, setting, and other details. The base game will feature at least 30 main story quests and a game world that includes locations like Skyrim, Cyrodiil, High Rock, and the Black Marsh, while gameplay sees players moving across a region map and resolving various encounters.

Fans of tabletop and ESO will still have to wait a while before the funding drive gets rolling, but the curious (or eager) can catch a sneak peek ahead of time.

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