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EVE Online’s board game Kickstarter is live – and it met its funding goal in under an hour

Apparently there are plenty of EVE Online fans who would like the board game version of the spaceship sandbox to be a thing. Yesterday...

RuneScape board game and tabletop RPG open pre-orders September 29

In January of last year, RuneScape licensed tabletop games maker Steamforged Games to use the MMORPG's license in the creation of a board game...

Call of Duty is getting a board game – with a Kickstarter planned for this fall

There's a point in the movie Spaceballs where it lampooned a certain franchise's merchandising zeal, but it likely didn't account for the Call of...

Massively Overthinking: Tabletop and boardgames for MMORPG players

Last week, following the crowdfunding of an Elder Scrolls boardgame, the MOP staff got derailed by a discussion on boardgame prices (it's expensive, y'all)....

Sea of Thieves tabletop board game confirms a summer release window and gameplay details

Last month tabletop gaming studio Steamforged Games issued a barely veiled teaser for a board game based on Sea of Thieves. That studio has...

Steamforged Games hints at the potential reveal of a Sea of Thieves board game

Regular readers are likely familiar with the name of board game developer Steamforged Games - it's the team behind tabletop and board game versions...

Chip Theory Games offers a preview of the crowdfunding campaign page for its Elder Scrolls board game

Last February, fans of Elder Scrolls Online were aimed in the direction of an upcoming board game based on the IP called The Elder...

Massively on the Go: First impressions of the multiplayer Mario Party Superstars

We've talked about Mario Party a few times on MassivelyOP, but only recently, as the Mario Kart series is both older and probably more familiar to...
Oh good.

Niantic of Pokemon Go fame is working on a new Catan: World Explorers MMOARG

So it seems like Niantic's follow-up to Pokemon Go in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite didn't quite get as warmly received, probably helped by the...
Well, sometimes it works.

The Daily Grind: What MMO would make a killer board game?

On a master list of things I never expected to see, Riot Games making a board game even loosely based upon League of Legends...

Massively Overthinking: The MMORPG board games connection

MOP reader Kastaguro sent us an interesting question last month about MMORPGs, board games, and a possible playerbase shift. "I was wondering if any of...
Well, sometimes it works.

Riot Games explains moving from League of Legends to a tabletop board game

No matter how much you might like League of Legends, you are probably a little bit confused by the tabletop game coming out from...