Call of Duty is getting a board game – with a Kickstarter planned for this fall



There’s a point in the movie Spaceballs where it lampooned a certain franchise’s merchandising zeal, but it likely didn’t account for the Call of Duty franchise getting to that point of absurdity in a very literal and unironic sense, as the FPS is going to be adapted as a board game. Somehow.

Call of Duty: The Board Game – yes that’s what it’s being called – promises to create a tabletop title that “combines elements of strategy, tactical planning, and combat to create an intense and immersive gaming experience.” The game will let players control elite soldiers, which will have minis and weapons for use in the game, to fight against each other on maps based on the FPS franchise and in multiple unspecified game modes.

This bit of tabletop gaming comes from a partnership between Activision-Blizzard and board game creator Arcane Wonders, and in spite of ActiBlizz sitting on mountains and mountains of cash, the companies will first be starting a crowdfunding drive on Kickstarter sometime this fall, while full retail release is planned for next year. Now we’re all waiting for Call of Duty: The Flamethrower or Call of Duty: The Breakfast Cereal. Hey, it could happen; I grew up in an age when a gaming console got a cereal.

source: press release
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