EVE Online’s board game Kickstarter is live – and it met its funding goal in under an hour


Apparently there are plenty of EVE Online fans who would like the board game version of the spaceship sandbox to be a thing. Yesterday as planned, Titan Forge launched the Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground, and it met its over $54K funding goal in under an hour, hitting over $190K in funding at the time of this writing.

The EVE: War for New Eden board game looks to be pretty expansive indeed, with 112 ship minis, over 500 cards, over 330 tokens, four player boards, and custom dice among its many items in the core box, along with plans for three additional expansion boxes. Nearly all pledges also include different starter packs to EVE Online proper, and the company is also running a promo where it will add a Keepstar mini to every pledge if its Facebook post gets 1,000 likes.

With the base funding already met, the campaign now moves into meeting its stretch goals, which right now include the addition of component minis and a linen finish for all game boxes; later stretch goals include three new system tiles and five new event cards. Titan Forge also promises that it will share “some really cool stuff prepared for the next couple of days that [it hopes] will make [fans] even more glad that you have joined this campaign.”

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