Riot Games explains moving from League of Legends to a tabletop board game

Well, sometimes it works.
No matter how much you might like League of Legends, you are probably a little bit confused by the tabletop game coming out from Riot Games. It’s not League of Legends: The Board Game, but it uses LoL characters, and it feels on some level like a wholly bizarre move. So why did the company decide to move over to making board games? According to an interview on Gamasutra with producer Chris Cantrell, it’s not that Riot decided to just make a board game; it’s that one of Riot’s designers had a board game that the company decided to make into a project.

Cantrell explains that designer Stone Librande makes a lot of board games in his spare time, and this particular design was one he put forth that the team fell in love with and decided to work on bringing to a larger audience. It’s not branded as a LoL spinoff because it isn’t meant to be; it’s just a game by the same people who happen to make another game, in a field with a lot of expansion potential. So it’s… well, still kind of random, but at least it’s an understandable sort of randomness.

Source: Gamasutra

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