AQ3D level-locks epic dungeons, compensates for Halloween bug


Newly betaing AdventureQuest 3D has decided to place level-locks on some of its dungeon content, a new post on the official site declares this week. “We thought that lower level players would go into the [epic-level] dungeon, get killed in half a hit and go ‘WOW! I should not be in here until I am further along,'” writes Artix. “We were mistaken.” Instead, the team explains, swarms of lowbies who are “woefully under-powered and under-geared” are “trying to coast on the coat tails of their stronger team members, [dragging] down the overall DPS of the entire team” and “taking up a valuable seat on the team that could be filled by someone level and gear appropriate.”

“You might think it’s not fair to only allow top level players access to the hard to earn gear. You’re wrong. It’s not equal, but it is fair and those are two different things. The higher level players have worked hard, gotten to or near the level cap and played through much of the game’s content that is still waiting for you lower level players. They need and deserve new challenges to keep the game interesting for them, such as epic level dungeons with hard-to-earn gear. It’s one of the benefits of putting your time into a game like this.”

In more cheerful news, Artix is handing out 100 free dungeon keys for players as compensation for the bug that caused Halloween revelers to fall through the floor in the haunted house. If only real life were so easy.


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