Lineage II Aden kicks off its sixth L2 Pass for players


It’s not exactly news that Lineage II Aden (which is the solo-focused version of Lineage II, by way of reminder) has battle passes. The newly launched sixth L2 Pass is, well, the sixth pass of its type. And if you want to make use of the pass for free, you can look forward to a lot of sustain points for the Sayha’s Grace buff. That’s basically all of it. Seriously, there are 20 levels out of 200 that offer you a different reward on the free track, all of which are imprints.

As you would probably expect, paying money unlocks a track in which more good things are showered upon your head on a regular basis. The whole thing runs off of hunting monsters, with points earned via killing monsters or maintaining Sayha’s Grace for longer periods of time. Check out the full rundown on the official site if you want to see all of the goodies available for a fee or if you just want to keep track of all the tiers you’ll chew through for an imprint.

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