Theorycraft Games nets $50M and two former Riot devs for a ‘team-based game of adventure, creativity, and high-stakes combat’


Back in March 2021 we reported on the formation of Theorycraft Games, a game dev studio that was made up of folks who had previously worked on titles such as League of Legends, Halo, Valorant, and Overwatch among others. At the time of our report, the studio had secured $37.5M from investors including NetEase.

Theorycraft is back in the news for many of the same reasons as last year’s report, as the studio has secured another $50M in Series B funding as well as two more former Riot Games developers: Legends of Runeterra game director Andrew Yip, who joined the team in May, and League of Legends game director Jon Belliss, who is a more recent addition to the studio’s head count.

The team and funds are being gathered to create a new title codenamed Loki, which is described in the announcement as “a competitive, team-based game of adventure, creativity, and high-stakes combat” that features a cast of unique heroes and has been in development for under two years. Further details on this new game weren’t elaborated upon, but Theorycraft is seeking playtesters for Loki right now, though it should be mentioned that these playtests are for what sounds like something in very early stages of development. Everyone else who would rather wait on something closer to a full game are invited to follow the studio on Twitter or join its Discord.

sources: press release, official site
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