MMO sandbox BitCraft makes exploring – and walking – far more satisfying

Oh, hey.

Even though BitCraft is still in pre-alpha, that doesn’t mean its world is devoid of meaning and content. The studio behind the procedurally generated MMO sandbox piped up this week to share some of the big progress pushes that are happening in the latest build of the game.

Executive Producer Stoffer, who recently joined the team, shared an update on the game’s progress while promising more letters in the future. Stoffer noted that for Pre-Alpha Update 8, the team is working on making a far more “satisfying” movement system, making world exploration more interesting, and introducing a farming system.

“We want to make sure you can explore by walking, swimming, or sailing around our world. On top of that, as with oceans in the real world, we want to make sure it’s populated by all kinds of interesting things that you’re more than welcome to try and fish out of the water,” Stoffer said.

Source: BitCraft
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