Star Wars: The Old Republic kicks off Galactic Season 3 and doubles outfitter slots


A long time ago on a server far, far away, Bothans infiltrated the BioStar to find the plans for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s newest patch. While those Bothans all got themselves killed again, at least one of them put up the notes for Game Update 7.1.1 so that Republic and Empire players could prepare their next phase of adventures.

The update ushers in Galactic Season 3 with a new reputation track and rewards, doubles the number of slots in the outfitter (from 16 to 32), makes several balance changes, increases daily resource matrix rewards, adds a collector’s edition vendor to the fleet, and makes the Manaan daily zone an invadable region.

SWTOR is also getting ready for its Feast of Prosperity: “Starting November 1st until November 29th, this new edition of the Feast of Prosperity event comes with new rewards such as the Gourmand’s Favorite Weapon Set, Duuba and Gaboorga Transport Skiffs, and Feast Holo-Toy!”

Source: SWTOR
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