Splatoon 3 announces Chill Season and Big Run coming December 1


Since we were recently back in Splatoon 3 to witness the glory of Water Pokemon Power, Nintendo decided to start the day off by announcing Big Run right after we were guessing about its use. Last night’s pun-filled announcement heralds 10 returning weapon sets, three new ones, new catalog items, a new stage, a returning Splatoon 1 stage, the return of X-Rank Battles (for S+ ranked players who need even more bragging rights), and of course, Big Run.

As we suspected, Big Run takes place in Wahoo World, but sharp-eyed Redditors have noticed a few other tidbits in the announcement trailer.

While new players may not notice much more than some fun animations, veterans will immediately recognize the return of the Skull Bandana. Listed among the sets is a very defensive Splatting that comes with both Toxic Mist and the Big Bubbler, which should make it a strong anchor choice. For more aggressive types, the Splattershot Pro with Suction Bombs and Booyah Bomb special may be for you. And for roller fans, people are noticing the new roller looks extra wide. Just remember not to paint the base too much at the start. (We’re personally hoping for a new Jet Squelcher loadout as the current one leaves a lot to be desired, but we’re seeing some promise.)

As for Salmon Run, unless it gives out Super Snails, hopefully it won’t replace Splatfests, which often have a pop-culture theme that vibes with the series’ general attitude, and Salmon Run can’t really pull in the same manner. We’ll just have to see what comes when the new season launches December 1st.

11/30 Update: Big Run’s specific dates are December 9-12, starting and ending at 9pm PT. It seems you get a locker decoration based on your performance. If you’re currently struggling with Salmon Run in general though, check our guide with EVP-Community-sanctioned tips.

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