Black Desert PC opens the third portion of Atoraxxion dungeon, adds events with pesky moles and turkeys


Players of the PC version of Black Desert who have been ready to plumb the further depths of the Atoraxxion dungeon now have their chance. This week’s update has opened up the Yolunakea wing of the encounter, which promises to share more of the story of the dungeon’s creator, challenge players with puzzles, and pit gamers against the powerful mechanical foe known as Amarillos.

On the subject of Atoraxxion, this week’s patch also adds solo versions of the Vahmalkea and Sycrakea wings in order to let players experience the main story associated with the encounter. Of course, those who are looking for quest completion rewards will still need to go through the five-person party version of the dungeon. On that subject, those who are behind are being aimed at a quick start guide video.

Naturally the weekly update also comes with the usual collection of events, and this week’s event lineup features the return of monstrous turkeys, gathering material-thieving moles, and some extra rewards for those who defeat Yolunakea’s final boss for a limited time. The patch notes otherwise detail class updates and Elvira Calpheon loot tweaks among other things.

sources: press release, official site
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