Star Wars The Old Republic raises currency caps and makes specific lightsabers appropriately shiny

I'm an excellent fighter.

When your character turns on a lightsaber in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you expect a few things: that satisfying ignition noise, that trademark hum, and probably some unique visual effects. If you found some of those metrics weren’t being met with the Family of the First Seed lightsaber and dualsaber, you’ll probably be glad to know that the game’s latest patch has fixed those.

Obviously there is more than just prettier lightsabers in the patch: The highlight of the update is a rise in the total of conquest commendations and daily mission matrices players can get from 1,500 to 2,500, along with the ability to purchase a specific set of PvP weapons as intended, a fix for an erroneous error message regarding the Nul Flashpoint solo mode, and the removal of implants from a variety of certain caches. All of this is nice, but we’re just happy the danger flashlights are fixed.

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