Asheron’s Call rogue servers add playable Olthoi from the MMO’s 11th anniversary


One of Asheron’s Call’s most iconic entries in its fantasy bestiary is now playable (again). AsheronDB is reporting that ACE-compatible rogue servers added back in playable Oltoi from the MMO’s 11th anniversary patch.

“The Olthoi Play system was designed to allow players to jump right into the higher level Player vs. Player action without the need to level a character or acquire gear,” the team said. “As a tradeoff, Olthoi gameplay is highly restricted and does not offer much character progression.”

There are currently about 45 Asheron’s Call rogue servers, many of which use the ACE engine, with Coldeve, Reefcull, and Doctide the most populated.

If you’re curious how the Olthoi play, check out this gameplay video from the grand old year of 2010, when the patch initially released:

Source: AsheronDB. Thanks Jesse!
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