MassivelyOP’s Weirdest MMO Stories of 2022: EverQuest II’s prison server


Today we’re kicking off our traditional countdown of MassivelyOP’s weirdest MMORPG stories of the year!

Coming in at #3 on our list is…

EQ2 permabanned everyone on its ‘prison server’

Drunder. That’s the depressing name of the “prison server” that Daybreak maintained for EverQuest II malcontents. For the last seven years, the studio banished all kinds of exploiters and rule-breakers to the server, which it left largely untended. It was even possible to request to be sent to the server, permanently, even if you’d never done anything wrong – effectively walling yourself in with the inmates.

Or at least, you could before this past summer, when Daybreak wiped the server without much warning and permabanned everyone with a character on it from every game in the company’s stable. The company did mumble about allowing banned innocents to create new accounts and apply for reinstatement, at least if you tracked down the CMs in Discord, but maybe the team could’ve done that before nuking all the accounts? Either way… prison server.

Stay tuned for another weird story tomorrow, and don’t forget to check out our annual MMORPG awards and our Golden Yachties!

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