Embers Adrift team: ‘The goal is to get the game to mature’


In a new video from the Embers Adrift team, loose plans were laid out for the first year after the 2022 launch. “The goal is really to get the game to mature,” the studio said, going on to note that the current focus is to fill out the content for the last 10 levels to help with the journey to 50.

It does sound like the studio is racing to put in content for certain leveling spots before players hit those walls and have to grind on mobs without any quests or dungeons. “We are working on another zone, we’re working on another few dungeons,” a studio rep said.

Stormhaven restated its manifesto, saying, “We are going against most of what’s current in the industry. We are really trying to rebuild a game which goes back to the root of the genre to give you the same kind of feeling and experience.”

Source: YouTube
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