SWG Legends’ Star Viper space update went live over the holidays


If you blinked, you missed it: The space update codenamed Star Viper landed in Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends over the holidays. The news comes in the game’s January newsletter after months of teasing.

“The Legends Team is happy to finally bring this update to the community after so many years in the making now,” the volunteer player devs write. “Star Viper has been a very long off again/on again project throughout the years and many team members who have volunteered time into it during that time with development, design, and much testing. For all of you who have given a portion of your time to its creation, this release is especially dedicated to you! Travel the stars, board a very interesting Space Station, encounter dangerous foes, claim your rewards! Adventurers will be taken to the stars in this thrilling new release that we hope breathes new life to your adventures in space!”

I’d love to be able to link you right to the patch notes, but as I type this there still aren’t any of substance, which is why we missed it when it launched ourselves; the key patch note merely tells players that “[a] shady character has been reported in a Talus cantina, who seems to be interested in Prince Xizor’s business,” presumably in an effort not to spoil more than the breadcrumb. Given the confusion on Discord, we’re not alone, but hey, now we know and you do too. Players interested in the quest might want to at least peek at the newly created wiki page for the details on the new PvP starship on offer.

There’s a bit more to the newsletter, including the fact that players destroyed over 11K buildings during the September 9th pack-up event and a thousand people voted for the 13th senate race.

Source: Newsletter
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