ArcheAge’s latest patch holds a foot race event and removes an annoying chair from the game


Have you ever tried to interact with an item for any reason – a quest, a task, or something else entirely – and instead were forced to sit down? That’s apparently what was happening to ArcheAge players when they were interacting with a warehouse manager, but mercifully the baleful chair has been excised from the game in the latest patch. At long last, player butts are free to do warehouse things instead of park in a Chair of Endless Frustration.

Other portions of the patch include several updates like a change to a specific quest’s location, adjustments to the requirements for an achievement, some new content unlocks for the Melisara and Gene servers, and a host of bug fixes.

The patch has also seen the opening of an Ahnimar Sporty Day event that lets up to 16 players compete in a foot race for event currency, which can then be spent on a variety of items like a panda bathtub. And honestly, whose life isn’t improved with a panda bathtub?

source: official site (1, 2)
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