Tower of Fantasy’s Wandering Amidst Miasma update adds a swamp full of threats February 2


When you hear about a place called the Miasmic Swamp, you can likely anticipate that things are going to be dangerous. Sure enough, the region in question coming to Tower of Fantasy on February 2nd has plenty of threats to face. But then, that’s also something MMO players anticipate.

The new swamp region promises a vegetation-filled locale full of new creatures, new story quests, neon mushrooms, mysterious egg devices, and a variety of puzzles to work through while exploring. Of course, there’s the aforementioned threats too, which come in the form of two new bosses to fight, both with two phases to work through. The update is also introducing three new instances and challenges that will task players with fighting the sonorous attacks of a band or climb a tower with other players in multiplayer.

On top of the new region, the patch will mark TOF’s six month anniversary, which promises to kick off several events that hand out goodies such as nuclei, dark crystals, and more. In the meantime, some of the new locations and story beats are hinted at in the video below.

source: YouTube
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