The Secret World Classic’s account site is down, but the original version is still running


[This issue has been resolved as of February 21st, thankfully!]

There are some mild-to-moderately concerning developments concerning The Secret World — the original version, that is, not the Legends reboot. Apparently the account page for the classic edition of the MMO now cannot be accessed, with any attempts redirecting to Secret World Legends’ website instead.

Previously, fans of the original version of The Secret World could still buy the game and make new accounts as long as they had the proper URL. But now Funcom has either permanently disabled new accounts or temporarily taken the old website offline.

The fear here is that the studio might take the original game offline without any prior announcement, stranding that already isolated community. It’s a concern that the players loyal to that edition of the game have been living with for years at this point.

Funcom is, of course, not talking much about either version of The Secret World these days. Players on the Secret World Discord are advising each other to report it as a bug through the official help system.

The good news, as confirmed by Massively OP’s Tyler, is that if you already have an original Secret World account, you should be able to log in and enjoy the game, which he confirmed to be still running.

Source: Secret World
February 21 a.m.
According to the fan Discord, Funcom has been made aware of the issue.

February 21 p.m.
We’re happy to report that Funcom appears to have resolved the issue; the website is back online, and players can once again register.
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