Conqueror’s Blade new update, Eternal, takes the battle to ancient China


It’s a fresh season for MY.GAMES’ Conqueror’s Blade as Eternal launched today with a new game mode dubbed Escalation that includes an ancient-China-themed campaign, new units, new events, and of course, a new battle pass.

“Conqueror’s Blade players first visited lands inspired by Ancient China back in the Dynasty update, fashioned after the Tang Empire. The brand-new Seasonal Campaign takes players back to the Borderlands or Liangyun, as well as Longting later on in the Season, as their legend unfolds and they secure their standing in Territory Wars every week. The final fight awaits players in Daicheng at the end of the Season. […] Players can prove their tactical prowess in Escalation, a brand-new Siege mode that allows them to replace Units at any time throughout a match, giving players more strategic choices in teamplay and contributing to victory. Choosing which Units to use is an integral part of the battle itself and gives players more means with which to counter foes on the fly, making for more intense battles.”

Readers will recall that back in 2022, MY.GAMES offloaded all of its Russian publishing to a separate entity… run by the same executive who owns MY.Games.

Source: Press release
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