Coreborn Nations of the Ultracore offers up its open world co-op survival sandbox to alpha testing March 2


Another survival sandbox is making its way into our radar (and likely part of our list of beta titles). This time we’re casting our eyes towards Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore, an open world survival title that promises to focus on cooperation with other players and MMO-like social elements as players try to retake a world from the forces of doom.

“Immerse yourself in an engrossing journey full of charm, hope, challenges, and adventures. Visit Tormentosia, a once vibrant land suddenly covered by Sorgoth’s shadow of darkness. Join the united nations of the Core in reclaiming the land. Restore and rebuild towns and settlements. Face hordes of Gothkin. Meet new friends and cooperate with your companions. Survive and thrive together to make a better future.”

In Coreborn, players will need to work together to farm resources, hunt creatures, and establish a town in the open world, which can then open its doors to other players and be leveled up with additional crafting stations. Of course, there will be the ever-present danger of the aforementioned Gothkin, so players will also have to defend their towns. Meanwhile, the city of Coreheim will be a central nexus for the entire game’s population to meet, trade, and group up.

The entire experience is built around co-op, which means “systems that help make every encounter with another player a positive experience” and no PvP whatsoever.

Coreborn is planning an early access release sometime soon, but before then there will be an alpha test running between March 2nd and 5th. Curious players can check out a video preview of the game in action below and request testing access via Steam.

sources: press release, Steam
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