Embers Adrift takes hardcore tourists to its grand canyon with last night’s patch


Behold and witness the geological formation of canyons, painstakingly crafted by eons of weathering, erosion, and tectonic shifts! Or a few developers whipping up a scenic location with computer tools, that works too!

Embers Adrift created a seismic shift in its landscape with this week’s Threat of Grimstone patch. The “largest changeset” that the team has done to date went live yesterday. It opened up the new Grimstone Canyon zone, expanded bank space, introduced additional monster types, and challenged players to tackle quest chains in the canyon itself.

The dev team said that the monthly release format seems to be the way to go for this MMO: “Moving our development cadence to a monthly live patch has proved to be far more productive than our previous weekly release schedule. It’s much easier to push content and fixes to QA more frequently when we don’t have to worry about breaking the game.”

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