Dark Age of Camelot brings back its speed-leveling event, Catch Up in Caledonia


The “it” MMO from 2001 is looking for a few good souls to put through its medieval meat grinder — with a leg up, of course. Broadsword announced that it’s running another Dark Age of Camelot leveling event for the next week.

The Catch Up in Caledonia event kicked off this past Monday and allows new and veteran players alike to speed-level from level 1 to 50 over the span of seven days.

“Players will start at level 1 and rapidly progress to level 50 all while earning gear, master levels, champion levels, and realm ranks along the way,” the studio explained.

If you want to get in on the fun, you’ll need to do so by Friday, March 10th, as no new characters will be able to join the Caledonia event region after that point.

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