Earth and Beyond rogue server project may be the space MMO you crave

Unfortunately, it's been offline for few months now


Just the other day, the MOP staff was bemoaning the fact that the pickings for space sim MMOs are slim and lacking. But instead of looking forward to future projects, perhaps the answer lies in the past? After all, EA published a rather robust space MMO called Earth and Beyond in 2002 before shutting it down in 2004.

And even with the game’s short lifespan, Earth and Beyond developed a cult following and spawned a rogue server project called Net-7 that is alive and kicking today. However, you can’t play it at present, as the title’s previous server host opened the project to a ransomware attack that necessitated a move.

“We acquired a new host and a new separate web hosting plan in order to help reduce costs AND server maintenance outside of improvements to the game. We have migrated our data here,” the team said in February 2023. “The game server, the part you care about of course, it’s dependent on those websites [and databases], so as soon as these are done we should be able to bring the game server itself up pretty quickly.”

In early April, the team reported that work is “inching ever closer” to bringing the game back online.

For a history of this underappreciated space MMO, check out our Game Archaeologist column on Earth and Beyond!

Source: Net-7
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