Cryptic claims victory over login issues plaguing its PC MMORPGs and hands out apology goodies to players

Fan favoritism

If you were among the PC players who were having trouble getting into Cryptic’s slate of MMORPGs like Star Trek Online, Champions Online, or Neverwinter, there’s two times the good news for you: The studio has apparently resolved its login issues and it’s handing out freebies to players of these games as an apology for the problems.

  • STO players will be receiving a package that features an experimental ship upgrade, a captain upgrade, and a bridge officer upgrade this Wednesday.
  • Players of Neverwinter are getting one week of VIP access, four lockbox keys, and 300K refined astral diamonds to those who logged in after March 28th. In addition, the April Fowls’ event and Sticky Pony mounts will remain available until April 17th.
  • As for Champs, a bundle of goodies hasn’t been put together for players yet as we type this early Sunday morning, but since the game’s Twitter account acknowledged the same issues as the other two games last week, we might expect an announcement of one soon.
source: Twitter (1, 2)
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