Star Trek Online upgrades Xbox Series X|S version as Cryptic’s login problems persist

It costs.

Star Trek Online just uploaded a major upgrade for its Xbox Series X|S users. Cryptic said in a press release that the patch will specifically improve the performance and features for these console players. The upgrade includes an FPS boost, HDR support, faster loading, crossplay support with Xbox One users, and a better patch delivery system. This comes just weeks after the studio published its Refractions update for all console editions.

It also comes as the game is struggling with login issues that have persisted across all of Cryptic’s MMOs since yesterday. (It even derailed our planned stream yesterday!) As of this afternoon, the studio says it’s still working on the problem.

In other Star Trek Online news, First Contact Day (really, more of a month) kicks off next week. This special event challenges players to complete daily quests that can earn them their own time portal when all is said and done. The event concludes on May 3rd.

Source: Press release, Star Trek Online. Cheers, Michael.
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