Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gets new beasts, Qurious Melding features, and more event quests April 20


The monsters get angrier and fiercer tomorrow, April 20th, as Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases its fifth free title update with more huge beasts to battle, more levels to climb, and more ways to power up player characters along the way.

The main attraction for Title Update 5 is the introduction of the Risen version of the Shagaru Magala and the storm-wielding elder dragon Amatsu. Both of these new fights are open at MR180 and MR10 respectively and promise some new gear to craft with distinct skills tied to them.

Of course, there are more than just two beasts to hunt in the update, particularly since the anomaly investigation level cap is being raised again to a maximum of 300. Players can expect two more Risen dragons to arrive and special investigations that grant existing monsters greater strength and attacks that reach farther than before.

As one might expect from an ever-heightening mountain of levels to earn and ferocious monsters to fight, characters are getting more powerful as well through the addition of Qurious Melding that lets players customize their hunter even more. There are also several event quests that let players earn new cosmetics, poses, and reaction stickers. Just in case you need a break from giant dragons throwing furious storms at you.

source: press release
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