Lord of the Rings Online celebrates 16 years of adventure with a fireworks goat mount


Raise a pint of ale, for Lord of the Rings Online is 16 years old! Or rather, it will be as of Monday! The Middle-earth MMORPG kicked off its anniversary celebrations a little bit early yesterday, bringing back the regular stable of activities as well as a few new rewards for the diligent.

In addition to the usual scavenger hunts, fireworks quests, beer brawling, and invitation snatching, LOTRO added a new fireworks goat mount (!), an Illumination cosmetic set, and a twee celebration goat pet. There are also plenty of additional housing decorations to snap up, as long as you don’t mind sitting on a throne made of explosives.

The new 16-year anniversary gift box includes a nifty fireworks launcher, a portrait frame, and the “Illuminator” title. While the event will run through May 15th, the 16-year anniversary gift box is available year-round for those eligible to claim it.

Players who’ve been sitting on LOTRO points or waiting for a big sale to pick up an expansion will find their moment has come too.

Source: LOTRO, FibroJedi
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