Cozy MMO Palia, still deep in alpha testing, plans more tech test weekends – maybe you’re invited


Hey Palia, stop being so quiet! We were looking forward to you so much at one point, but you keep going silent to the point where we forget you exist. Case in point, we’re only now seeing your second news release for the entirety of 2023 so far.

Fortunately, it’s news of forward movement for this so-called “cozy MMO.” Studio Singularity Six announced that it’s running a series of tech tests starting this weekend and going for the next month or so.

“Over the coming weeks, we’ll be running a handful of short tech tests,” the studio said. “The first will run for one day on May 25th. We’ll be testing our services and seeing how they support a decent chunk of players being online at the same time. Like past tests, this one will also be under NDA.” In other words, if you’re invited… don’t tell us.

Singularity Six said that in addition to inviting all previous testers to participate, it is sending out a wave of new invites for additional players.

Source: Palia
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