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Here are some fun magical item ideas for Pathfinder because if you’re playing Pathfinder you don’t deserve good magical items. Boots of Clown Flatulence. Belt of Tick Attraction. Broadsword of Thinking Of Story Ideas You Will Never Write +2. Ham of Ham Attraction. Brazier of Instead Of Producing Fire When You Light It The Thing Just Spews Milk Everywhere. Hammer of Ham Attraction. Crud, I should have put that before the Ham of Ham Attraction, shouldn’t I. Screw it. Delete this section. It’s garbage. Someone needs to delete this. Different idea.

You won’t believe the seven areas in your house a chihuahua with clown makeup has defecated? No. That’s stupid. This is so stupid. Do it right. Stay focused.

Bees: Why should you date them? When are they ready for a romantic relationship? How do you appease Zzzbzz’kzznzztzz, the Omnibee? All of these questions and more can be answered by the Head of the Bee! Wait, will that sound like it’s inappropriate? Am I implying you should do something untoward with bees? This is offensive to bees.

Heck with it. What Are You Playing, you figure it out.

Bonus question: How do you feel when you run into a tech error with new consoles, computers, or whatever?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I’m so off right now, I totally forgot the weekend is coming. Um, I guess exercise games with friends since I ate like a pig this week and there’s an event some of them want to do. I may do a little extra Orna because I’m getting close to a milestone.

I’m a magnet for tech errors. Especially ones that can’t be reproduced, even when technicians watch me do everything they did and still get errors. I do my best to find workarounds, but since my life’s so full of them, I just do what I can before calling support and hoping for the best.

Andy McAdams: It’s actually going to be a pretty busy weekend here, so won’t have as much gaming time as normal, I don’t think. What I do have will probably be spent continuing Epic 1 in Lord of the Rings Online (I think I’m almost done, but who knows how many more times I have to run my elf butt back and forth across Middle-earth before I actually finish).

Bonus: Generally speaking, if I run into an issue I assume I am the problem first. My day job is in tech and I see some of the support issues we get, and back in the day I was even a platinum-style support tech. These experiences have led me to be absolutely sure it’s not a me issue before I actually report a problem. I would say about 20% of the time it’s still a ‘me’ problem. I can never quite seem to outrun those Id-10-T errors no matter how hard I try.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): If I am very lucky, I will have enough time to pop into Star Wars Galaxies Legends and check my factories. But I’m super busy with real life this week and weekend, so even that’s unlikely. Back to normal in a few weeks!

If the program gives me a proper error message with detailed information, I’m content. If not? Wrath.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’m going to try to work up the courage to have a swing at the new raid in Final Fantasy XIV, but if that fails, I have Season 21 things in Destiny 2 to go after. Mainly fishing. I like the fishing a lot.

When I run into tech problems I tend to fall apart a bit mentally while also trying to diagnose as best as I can. Basically I turn into a panicked cat.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): It’s been a difficult week. I’m not in a great place and I need to just… let myself relax this weekend. So some stuff in FFXIV and maybe playing around on a console. Cuddling cats, you know.

The first workaround for tech problems is always close at hand. But especially lately I’ve felt fragile to begin with and I find that I’m not doing great once a problem happens. I always solve it, but my frustration is high.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m afraid there’s no change in my report from last week to this one. Still playing Tower of Fantasy and Chained Echoes. Although I hardly got to play any ToF this past week. Hopefully we’ll improve upon that this time.

Bonus: If it’s really a new system, I’m pretty annoyed. Like, why can’t anything work right? I’ll read a hundred sites and info to see if I can debug it before I throw in the towel though. I’m too cheap to pay for a fix, even if I spend more than a reasonable amount of time to fix it myself.

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