One of the lead devs for Star Wars The Old Republic confirms his move to the Broadsword team


At this point, everyone has all but full-out confirmed that Star Wars: The Old Republic is changing hands from BioWare to Broadsword. This open secret continues to ignore how secrets work as one of the MMORPG’s lead developers has announced the end of his time with Electronic Arts and his move to Broadsword.

The dev in question is Ted Gegoux, SWTOR’s director of live operations, who has worked on the title as far back as 2014. “Today was my last day at EA,” Gegoux wrote on Twitter. “I agree with the choice to move SWTOR to a place where it can get the love and attention it needs, and I will be joining the Broadsword team to make sure that happens.”

At the time of this writing, we haven’t seen any other major devs for the game coming forth with confirmation of whether they’ll join Broadsword or be among those who are being shown pink slips. However, it does look like the movements are starting off to a place that we’ve argued could very well be a good thing for SWTOR. The floodgates are down now.

source: Twitter
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