Wayfinder aims to continue inventory and server improvements


Wayfinder’s early access period got a major boost last week with the arrival of the online RPG’s first big patch. Now that it’s out of the way, Airship Syndicate is willing to share some details about additional plans for the title’s imminent future.

The studio said that it’s planning a follow-up, Phase 2 update that will expound upon the inventory change: “In the future, we’ll implement the ability to get a few items that would have otherwise been abandoned due to a full inventory. We will also be bringing this limit to crafted housing items (purchased items are exempt from this limit).”

Other projects include server improvements to build upon a recent smallish patch that addressed “approximately a quarter of the server disconnects and crashes” players were experiencing.

The studio also released the full hour-plus soundtrack album for Wayfinder:

Source: Wayfinder
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