Top-down PvPvE extraction shooter Return Alive brings its open beta back for Steam Next Fest


The beginning of June saw another game arrive aboard the burgeoning multiplayer PvPvE extraction sub-genre: Return Alive, a top-down shooter from developer KOG Games that tasked players with navigating pre-made characters through a wasteland to scavenge technology, defeat foes and hostile players, and successfully make away with the loot.

The game held an open beta test from June 29th to July 7th, but if you missed that opportunity, you’re getting a new one during the October Steam Next Fest, when Return Alive will bring back an open beta from October 9th through the 17th. This version of the open beta appears to be focused entirely on the 14-player Survival mode (aka the extraction shooter game it’s pushing itself to be), with four characters to control this time around instead of the three offered previously.

Those who successfully exfiltrate with their found goods can upgrade things like weapons, modules, battlesuits, and equipment, while those who either get gunned down or run out of oxygen will drop all of their loot for what KOG Games calls an “intense risk-reward system [that] will keep players on the edge of their seats.” Those who want to take a peek at this still-developing title can head over to the Steam page in preparation for beta demo time.

source: press release
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