Black Desert PC just heavily overhauled alchemy, mats, and prices


Yet another MMORPG is getting a major alchemy upgrade this week: Black Desert has overhauled its alchemy lifeskill with today’s update.

“Today’s update brought an increase to the supply of core materials used for Alchemy activities, such as Trace, Sap, Powder, etc.,” Pearl Abyss explains. “One only needs to look at the data of just how many Trace, Sap, Fruits, and other related materials are produced and consumed in the world of Black Desert to realize their importance.” The studio found that some resources have insufficient uses and therefore value, which causes inadvertent hoarding, so it’s tweaking supply – and potentially price floors down the road. The goal is also to remove trade goods from gathering to focus on trace items.

“One of the core materials for Alchemy Life activities are Trace items, and we’ve increased the sources and amounts gathered. Now you can gather increased amounts of these materials from production nodes, and also gain some more by completing bonus quests that randomly appear during Alchemy activities. Trace item drops from defeating monsters have also been increased, as well as through Gathering activities. Supply from Hunting, Alchemy, Gathering, and Manufacturing Nodes have also been increased. We hope this overall increase of sources and supply of Trace items will help lessen the burden of Alchemy Life activities for all adventurers.”

Alchemy fans and gatherers are going to want to read the whole set of patch notes, which dig into sap, fruit, byproducts, unknown seeds, trace item drops from monsters, and central market posting for alchemy mats.

Source: Patch notes
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