Corepunk shares player feedback from its playtest: ‘Challenging and punishing’


Overshadowed by a pretty busy news weekend was the fact that genre hybrid MMO Corepunk ran its second weekend playtest with a little over 100 members of its community. The two-day test mostly focused on low-level content, with the highest level achieved set at just seven and two new zones added since the September playtest.

One player compiled feedback from testers in Discord and organized it for general perusal on the official forum. Overall, it sounds as though the studio has a lot of balancing to do. Players focused on the feel of combat and the currently high level of difficulty (“challenging and punishing” was a term tossed around), with a huge aggro radius, no natural health regen outside of campfires, and some item loss on death.

“Character creation is great, environments look great, but the gameplay stinks right now,” one tester said. “The world is too big for what’s actually in it. There are no markers on map to tell you where to go and the pace is veeery slow.”

The PvP karma system also seems kind of wonky and unbalanced at the moment, with player-killers not being penalized as much as expected.

Source: Corepunk
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