Following its alpha test, Pax Dei addresses building freedom and crafting mechanics


Pax Dei studio Mainframe Industries is back inside the safe walls of its Discord with a new post recapping what it learned from its recent alpha test. The team says players helped them sort out multiple performance issues (“like the issue with buildings becoming invisible, which was related to chopping down trees”) and its world layering system, which has proven to be “very robust.” Devs were also super impressed with what players built using the construction system – but don’t get too excited because the launched game won’t grant so much freedom.

“To foster creativity, the Alpha granted the freedom to move plots without constraints on construction. This newfound liberty empowered small teams to build stunning castles and numerous creative buildings. However, as we progress, we’ll need to refine this freedom. Our upcoming building restrictions serve multifaceted objectives: they safeguard constructions from random destruction through plot permissions and strive to maintain a harmonious and balanced world area.”

The team is therefore working on refining the building snap system, adding more building content (like props and block types), tweaking building code networking and performance in villages, and retooling resource spawns on plots.

It also sounds as if the crafting system is due for more effort, as Mainframe says it’s “assessing” spawns and spawn locations as well as fixing too-grindy skills, recipe balance, stamina costs, tedious inventory management, and crafting failures.

“Right now, if you fail to craft, you lose all the resources from the recipe,” the team explains. “This is not how we intend to have the system work in the long term – we are looking into giving you part of the resources back when failing, based on how badly you failed. And there will eventually be mechanics that reward you for succeeding perfectly, allowing you to create ‘master-crafted’ items. But these systems will take time.”

Source: Discord
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