LEGO Fortnite reels in over 2M concurrent players in its debut as Epic continues to evolve the shooter into a games platform


The evolution of Fortnite from a co-op wave survival shooter to a primary battle royale game to a full-blown games platform continues. Readers will remember that a number of titles couched within Fortnite itself were revealed during this year’s Game Awards, including LEGO Fortnite, arcade racer Rocket Racing, and rhythm title Fortnite Festival. LEGO Fortnite has easily been the most popular of those three releases, with an all-time peak of 2.4M players this past Saturday.

Let us put that number in context: That peak is higher than any of Steam’s top selling games with the exception of PUBG, is roughly twice as many players as those in Counter-Strike 2, and is a comparable player count to Fortnite’s battle royale, zero build, and competitive modes in that same weekend combined. And even though LEGO Fortnite was the clear weekend winner in terms of player counts, Rocket Racing peaked at over 600K this past Friday and Fortnite Festival had a peak of nearly 1M across its Main Stage and Jam Stage modes.

On the subject of the other titles, Festival’s release was marked with its first season featuring The Weeknd with all of the battle pass trappings that implies, while Rocket Racing is in “Season Zero” with Season 1 scheduled for early 2024.

In case fans are worried that these new releases will be limited time modes, Epic Games has put those worries to bed in a tweet, stating that Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival “are here to stay – with regular updates.”

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