Tower of Fantasy brings a new area, a climactic new story, and more boss fights January 30


Over the past few updates, players of Tower of Fantasy have been wastin’ away in Marshville as they’ve handled several water and darkness-based catastrophes for the area. It looks as if that’s all coming to a head on Tuesday, January 30th, when the shared-world RPG’s Beyond Horizons update goes live.

“Wanderers can also look forward to an all-new main story, Impending Storm, in the 3.6 update. As the name foreshadows, a torrential storm is brewing and a decisive battle with the Hive Mother is imminent. This marks the end of the old world and the dawn of the new.”

This new story arc centers around the new region of Aquaville, a massive cylindrical structure that promises plenty of high-tech intrigue and more answers about the mystery of the darkness. The update also promises new puzzle solving missions and two additional boss fights on top of the aforementioned Hive Mother threat.

For the time being, TOF put out a new patch last week that adds another new Simulacrum, new events, and ongoing content for the Sequential Phantasm, the Origin of War season, and the Bygone Phantasm Boundless Realm.

sources: press release, official site
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