Guild Wars 2 quietly kicks off its Return to Living World S1 event for the next week


Blink and you’ll miss it, as ArenaNet isn’t widely promoting it apart from a calendar note and mention on social media: Guild Wars 2 is currently in the midst of another round of its Return to Living World Season 1 event.

Readers will recall that back in 2022, not long after the launch of End of Dragons, ArenaNet began releasing a revamped version of the game’s 2013 living world season, which was originally designed as a series of one-time events and hadn’t been playable for years. Now, the season exists in episodic form, just as the game’s other seasons, and as of this week, the studio is repromoting them, along with their dailies and and meta rewards.

Players on the game’s subreddit haven’t been overly kind about the event, calling it “filler” and suggesting that the rewards are subpar.

The event runs through January 23rd.

Bonus Event: Return to Season 1 details
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Source: Twitter
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