EverQuest and EverQuest II are giving out new gifts for February under the Year of Darkpaw banner


As the Year of Darkpaw aka the Year of EverQuest continues forward, Daybreak is marking the top of each month, all in celebration of EverQuest’s 25th and EverQuest II’s 20th anniversary in 2024.

In EverQuest, this month the studio is giving away a Northern Desert Outlook Device, which if we’re reading through the lines correctly takes players to the anniversary tower. There’s also a promise that the tower itself, the heroic adventure related to it, and its merchant “will all be updated later this month.”

In EverQuest II, the freebie item for February is the the Yelinak Dragon Statue. “For our Tradeskillers out there, complete several questlines to unlock recipes and earn an Achievement,” Daybreak notes. “Starting today, you can find the Herald of Erollisi Marr (Avatar of Love) in the Frostfang Sea. Then in the middle of the month, find the Herald of Bertoxxulous (Avatar of Plagues) in Antonica. Defeat the Avatars and gather up some Divine loot to earn some Achievements.”

Both games also have new buyables in the cash shop for the occasion.

Source: EQ, EQII
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