Corepunk pushes its next alpha test into late April


So far, hybrid MMO Corepunk has taken its sweet time getting here — and it doesn’t look like that pace is going to change any time soon. Developer Artificial Core announced a delay for its next public test, pushing it from “end of winter” square into late April.

“Due to the end-of-year crunch we experienced in December, we wanted to take more time to recuperate and enhance the game. Our initial target for the next test phase was the end of winter. However, upon delving deeper into all the issues we’ve encountered, it became clear that we’re going to need more time to ensure a successful test phase,” Artificial Core reported.

Alpha 2 now is scheduled to run from April 23rd through the 30th. The studio said that the wait will be worth it, as the next build is stacked with many quality-of-life improvements, a streamlined gathering process, treasure chests in enemy camps, Tier 3 crafting, better performance, and the first part of an ongoing storyline.

Also testers will experience additional character options, such as the Ranger, Shaman, and Infiltrator specializations, and more builds and talents.

Source: Corepunk
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